LIS Academy Ė NCSI Net Foundation Webinar Lecture Series Ė 1


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the duration of the Webinar what are the timings?

The webinar has started since 16th May 2020 and will be held up to 21st June 2020.

Every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm and every Sunday 11.00am to 1.00pm


What are the topics covered & what is the Programme schedule?

Please find the Program Schedule Click HERE


Who are the Targeted Audience for this webinar?

The main aim of this webinar lecture series is to upgrade the skills of LIS Students and young professionals. However other working professionals and LIS Teachers can also attend this webinar to brush up their knowledge


Is there any fees for attending this webinar:

The webinar is completely FREE. Anybody across the domain also can participate in the webinar


Can I Join in the middle?

Anybody can join in the middle of the webinar series. They can also attend any of their interested lectures by choice.


How can I see the videos of earlier Lectures?

Please visit official YouTube of LIS Academywhere all the earlier video Lectures are uploaded


How can I access the PPTs of the Lectures already completed?

Please visit LIS Academy Website, where shortly all PPTs will be uploaded


how do I Join for this Webinar?

Please find the following two Zoom Webinar Links: One is for Saturdays, and the other is for Sundays; and the passwords are the same: LISA. Same link will work for all Saturdays and Sundays

 ††††† Zoom Meeting Links:


For Saturdays:

 Please click the link below to join the webinar at 3:00 PM (Saturdays) on the day of the event:


Webinar ID: 967 7823 7915

 Password: LISA


For Sundays:

  Please click the link below to join the webinar at 11:00 AM (Sundays) on the day of the event:



  Webinar ID: 947 5258 9464

 Password: LISA


Do you give Certificate to the Participants?

YES LIS Academy will give FDP Certificate.

There are totally 24 Lectures spread over six weeks. Certificates will be issued to all the participants who attend minimum 18 Lectures (Full Time).

Zoom will record the attendance and the amount of time spent by the participants on the webinar lectures.

However, the academy will consider issuing certificates to those who attend atleast 12 Lectures (Full Time).



Help, Iím new to zoom!

There are lots of resources and training materials available for zoom here:

We strongly encourage you to carry out a test call with the machine and audio setup you will be using to join the conference. You can join a test call here:

We are sorry, but we are unable to offer individual technical support during the live event.

There are contact numbers available on the zoom support pages above.


How do I ask a question?

Every Saturday and Sundays there will be two lectures. Questions for the speakers of each lecture will be grouped at the end of each session. During the presentations, please use the Q&A function to ask a question and indicate who you wish to address your question to. The Moderator will ask the speakers to answer the selected questions.

If your question is not taken up during the live session. Please route it to the LIS Academy email address:


Can I ask a question in the chat?

Please enter all questions for speakers in the Q&A function to keep them in one place. We encourage you to use the chat to say hello, introduce yourself or maybe share useful links to a speakerís presentation.