Aims and Objectives

The Academy aims at establishing high standards of librarianship and library services in the country. It has the following objectives:


  1. The improvement of library services;
  2. To advance knowledge of the principles and practice of library and information science
  3. to herald the library movement in a country to spread knowledge and information and ultimately contribute to human resource development;
  4. To initiate, sponsor, undertake, encourage and promote scholarly study and research and consultancy work in the fields of library science and services. The Association shall constantly strive to relate its academic work to research and consultancy work to socially relevant themes.
  5. to work for the enactment of public library movement in the country and to promote for upgradation of LibraryLegislation in the states where ever there is already Library Legislation is enacted. Further to promote for enactment of Library Legislation in the states where the Legislation is not implemented..
  6. To make the people library conscious so that they demand the right of access to library services; mobilize social pressure for the healthy development of library services;
  7. to hold the image of the library profession high in society; promote cooperation among libraries and library professionals;
  8. development of library science education and training and accreditation of library schools towards maintaining proper standards of education;
  9. to provide a common forum for library professionals for exchange of information, ideas; experiences and expertise;
  10. To organise lectures, seminars, workshops and other instructional programmes to further the aforementioned objectives of the Association
  11. To publish books, monographs, occasional papers, journals, bulletins, etc., on topics of interest to professionals as well as public at large relating not only to the library and information services but also other disciplines
  12. The LIS Academy on its own or in collaboration with other Library Associations/ organisations/ Special/ Academic/ Public Libraries will institute National & International Awards to those who have served an extraordinary service to the Profession.
  13. To take all lawful action, including legal action in order to protect professional and those areas of public interest affecting, or related to the profession
  14. to strive for the evolution of an integrated national library and information system (including digital libraries) based on a national policy; bring to the attention of the authorities the deficiencies, defects, etc., in the existing library infrastructure;
  15. to work for the betterment of salaries, grades, service conditions; status, etc. of library professionals;
  16. to share resources and avoid duplication of efforts;
  17. to contribute towards manpower development for library and information work which includes education and training, research, incentives, awards and rewards, etc.
  18. Provide placement opportunities to enterprising individuals possessing specialised skills and expertise.
  19. To publish Net/ Slet Books and training the professionals and students of LIS in clearing their NET/Slet examinations
  20. Capacity Building: Training Librarians in Different Skills arising out of implementation of new technology
  21. to improve the technical efficiency of workers in all types of libraries and look after their professional welfare
  22. Support Cause of Libraries; Help Libraries with Mass Movements; Help Libraries to overcome individual problems; Assisting Librarian in preparing project proposal
  23. Consultancy: Project proposal preparation; Project planning and designing work; Preparationn of development plan; Assisting in Organizing Seminars and Conference
  24. Collaborate with foreign university in training  manpower in LIS area with International status through affiliation.
  25. To encourage and promote the systematic acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge;
  26. to support for the National Knowledge Commission objectives and its activities in relation to libraries.
  27. To work closely with the Government in developing / application of new technologies and services to the profession and to make appropriate recommendations to the Government and other authorities and organizations for developments of the profession at large
  28. to serve as a field of active contact for libraries, information bureaus, documentation centres, etc;
  29. To subscribe, to become a member of, or otherwise co-operate with any other association having objectives altogether or in part similar the those of the Academy.
  30. To do all such other lawful things as are necessary and as advisable for the advancement of its interests.

to take such action as may be incidental and conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Association.