National Seminar on Toolkit to Accelerate Research

In olden days research was considered as a mammoth job where researcher used to struggle at every stage; they were not fortunate as present generation. Due to the advent of ICT technologies and e-publishing, the life of a researcher has become relatively easy. Today researcher has got advantages of having various technologies to help at every stage of research. The deficiency with present researchers is a lack of information literacy/digital literacy which needs to be addressed at the earliest, to make their research more effective and efficient. Various efforts have been made to educate researchers through seminars, workshops, and conferences, etc, but still, there is a lack of an event which covers the entire band of research activities. The present seminar aims to cover the wideband of activities which are necessary for the research.

The researcher must be aware of the dynamics of research where he addresses research intentions, questions, processes, and outcomes. Providing holistic views of academic research will be helpful for the researcher to research in the right direction. Today finding literature about a specific topic is a skilled activity provided researcher is aware of the information sources. Variety of databases and retrieval tools such as search engines, discovery tools, federated search engines, user-friendly publisher platforms, etc. are available for the researcher to find appropriate literature of his interest. Open source literature with various access models and tools is a boost for the researcher.

Alerting and aggregating tools like RSS feeds, profile-based SDI services help the researcher to keep track of current developments in the area of interest. Managing collected literature and timely retrieval from the local archive is also a challenge for researcher, reference management tools like Mendeley, Endnote, etc. facilitate researcher to manage their literature systematically.  These tools also help the researcher in various referencing styles during report writing with various built-in plug-ins for most of the popular word processors.

Easy access to information through the Internet has hampered the ethical issues in research. It often noticed that the violation of copyrights and rampant plagiarism in today’s research studies. It is essential to address these issues at the beginning of research to avoid unnecessary itches.

Reporting research findings to its audience is an art. The researcher should understand the purpose of the report and employ the appropriate style of writing. The graphical representation in reports enhances and generates curiosity among readers. The latest trend in report writing is the use of infographics to present research data more creatively. It is a pride moment for the researcher to publish his research findings in a reputed journal to communicate and get established in the domain. Knowing the pulse of an editorial board and reviewers will benefit the researcher.

The two-day seminar will be eye-opening for young researchers, which will give an overview of the entire activities involved in the process of research.

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