Leadership Meet – 2019

LIS Academy
Leadership Meet – 2019

About LIS Academy:

The acronym LIS Academy stands for “Library & Information Science Academy”. Formation of LIS Academy was germinated by few likeminded LIS Professionals and registered it as a professional charitable Trust on 26th November 2016 at Bangalore. LISA is aiming to work for the development of the Profession and to assist Libraries with the state-of-art technology and to honour the professionals with awards and recognitions. The primary focus was to provide need-based service to the profession and to work for the advancement of Library and Information Science (LIS). The current focus of LIS Academy is to reach the unreached LIS professionals with rural settings in order to minimize the digital divide. It also aimed at working for the Public Libraries, the segment which almost remains as an area of neglect and needs upgradation in terms of technology implementation.


Learn Inspire Serve
To become the best, active and dynamic professional body by supporting the professionals with the essential knowledge, skills, and values of librarianship using innovative and cutting-edge technology and by adopting best and fair practices and innovative ideas.


LIS Academy aims to spread multi-dimensional utility and overall growth of profession of Librarianship, through education, literature, research, publications, outsource, Training programs, consultation and collaboration.

Activities of the LISA:

  1. Organised one day year end LIS Meeting on 31st December 2016 at City Central Library, Hampinagar on “Newton’s First Law of Librarianship

  2. Organised  one day workshop on at Government First Grade College Hosakote

  3. Organised one day Symposium at Gothe Institut Maxmullar Bhavan Bangalore

  4. One day workshop for Library Administrative Officers at Kalyan Nagar Library

  5. One day workshop for Children Book writers – Kinder Katha


LIS Academy Leadership Meet – 2019
 (26-27 January 2019):

Fifty young practicing Librarians were specially selected to train them in LIS Leadership and  The participants were divided in to 5 groups of 6 Members each one among the six Members was made as a moderator One volunteer from LIS Academy was made to  assist the team. The Program was consisting of 6 Sessions of 90 Minutes each.

Each session were sub divided as under:

Setting the goals of the session
PPT Presentation from LIS Academy         10 Minutes
Breakout session                                     30 Minutes
Presentation by Group Leaders                 30 Minutes
Summarization by Panel Members           20 Minutes

Day One:
10-11.30am Session -1:
Professional Bodies: Opportunities & Challenges
Group-1:    Need for Professional Bodies
Group-2:    Strength
Group-3:    Weaknesses
Group-4:    Opportunities / Social Responsibilities
Group-5:    Challenges / Threats

11.30-12.00 Tea Break

12.00 – 1.30pm Session -2:
Building Professional Leaders for LIS Profession
Group-1:  Identifying the Broad Strategies
Group-2: Training Manpower
Group-3:  Creating Opportunities
Group-4:  Evaluation
Group-5:  Rewards/Motivation

1.30-2.30  pm Lunch Break

2.30pm – 4.00pm Session -3:
Librarianship in Digital Era
Group-1:  Developing Technology Framework for Libraries
Group-2: Executive Involvement for Technology implementation
Group-3:  Digital Literacy / Awareness Program / User involvement
Group-4:  Performance Evaluation
Group-5:  Technology Road Map – Future Forecast

4.00 – 4.30  pm        Tea Break
4.30-6.00pm Session -4:
Events Organizing
Group-1:  Need Mapping
Group-2: Designing / Structuring Events
Group-3:  Resources Mobilization
Group-4:  Branding
Group-5:  Organizing Events

7.30pm onwards Dinner

Day Two:

9.30-11.00 am – Session -5:
LIS Academy Brigade
Group-1:  Opportunities
Group-2: Social Responsibility
Group-3:  Talent Search
Group-4:  Network of Volunteers
Group-5:  Rewards / Recognitions

11.00-11.30             Tea Break

11.30-1.00pm Session -6:
Reviewers Summarization & Presentations
Session-1: Professional Bodies : Opportunities & Challenges
Session-2: Building Professional Leaders for LIS Profession
Session-3: Librarianship in Digital Era
Session-4: Events Organizing
Session-5: LIS Academy Brigade

1.00-2.00  pm Lunch Break
2.00 – 3.30   Q& A, Feed Back and Valediction


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