The governance of LIS Academy vestे with its central authority of Board of Managing Trustees (BMT) consisting of the Trustees of the Academy. The BMT is the apex body responsible for policy making.

The role of the BMT is to provide guidance and support for each chapter. Each chapter has its own office-bearers and functions under the guidance of their respective Executive Committee (EC). The EC is empowered to take decisions and is also the authority for implementation at local levels. Thus the decision making process has been decentralized. Each chapter has the freedom to organize programs based on their local needs.

Executive Board of the Trust is comprised of two members from Board of Trusties who are empowered for the overall decisions of the Trust.  However, all the decisions taken by Executive Board shall be placed before Board of Trusties for its final approval. The LIS Academy plans to form different councils and committees comprising of experts and leaders of the profession in order to make the Academy to achieve its objectives. The recommendations of these Councils and Committees all of which will report back to the Board of Trusties.